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Grove School wins First Place in Sanskrit Drama Competition held on November 10, 2012

The CPR foundation recently hosted the “Sanskrit Drama Competition” on November 10, 2012. The eventwas an inter -school competition. 11 schools across Chennai competed for the grand prize. The schools depicted in their play the various “Kandams” from the Ramayana.

On the day of the competition, the venue was a visual treat for the eyes. There were umpteen number of Ramas, Laxmanas, Hanumans and other characters. The vicinity was filled with the celestial bodies and the ambience was divine. It was an absolute delight to watch the students.


The Grove School won the first prize. The topic taken by the school was “Jatayu Moksham”. The Play was highly emotional and the characters impeccably played their part.  R. Abhishek of  The Grove School, who depicted the character Ravana was adjudged  “The Best Actor Award” and Shreyas Santhosh was given a special prize.


R. Abhishek’s voice modulation was well appreciated. The success of the play was because of the strenuous efforts of the Sanskrit teacher, Mr. Muthupandi who was awarded the “Best Teacher Award”.


The competition has left an imprint in the minds of the audience.


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