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August 23, 2013: TGS Participates in Clean Adyar, Clean Coovum- Solve Madras Water Problem conducted by C.P.R Environmental Education Centre

“History is not created but is also made”


The pages of history are turned again. As it was Madras week the C.P.R.Environmental Education Centre launched the travelling exhibition “Clean Adyar, Clean Coovum, Solve Madras Water problem” on August 23, 2013. To create awareness among the Madrasis (Chennaites) regarding the future threat to the water crisis that has become an acute and perennial problem of the city, was the program hosted.


The Coovum river which stole the hearts of the Chennaites once, has now turned into a terrible biohazard. It is now the breeding place for all the menacing diseases. To initiate a thorough cleaning of the Coovum river, an exhibition was set up. Many banners were placed in the vicinity of The Grove School and it exhibited the detailed information of the Coovum river’s past glory.

The students had a thoroughgoing of its dire need of cleaning,. They also came to know the ultimate practice of preserving and conserving water. Since, it has awakened the minds of the young; they took a resolution to restore the Coovum river’s glorious past.

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