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Class XI- 2020


The word ‘art’ is always presumed by most people to be drawing, painting or handicrafts. These are, no doubt, art. The real question is, is that all sums up to?

No. Art is much bigger than what it bis commonly perceived as.

To define art, we need a few specific words. Definitely, not even these words can cover its magnitude and value. The words, according to me, are:           

“Any action done in a graceful, sequenced and imaginative manner whose output turns out to be creative and beautiful is called art”

In fact, the whole process of creating, developing and presenting can be called an art.

In a common level, art could be a painting, drawing or more. They are not the only ones.

When we write a poem or a story, we add the words we like, sequence it in such a way that it turns out to be something wonderful to read aloud. Thus, writing is an art.

Artificial intelligence was created by us humans and today, we assign a task to an electronic device and it is done within seconds. Hence, artificial intelligence and handling it is an art.

The chores that we do daily are art as well. Each one of us fold our clothes in a different way. We organize cupboard differently and at the end, we make the house look neat.

Every action a person does is different from the others so they leave behind beautiful results and, indeed, unique ones. So, in every moment of our lives, we all are artists.

When we look at art in a spiritual level, we would see it there too.

Each person believes in different things. Some believe in god, some in a positive power above them, some in the theory called the karma theory and some in science. All of us have different beliefs but the same system of emotion called ‘belief’. So, the manner in which we hold on to our faith and belief is, indeed, an art.

We all live our lives differently. Each person’s life has different priorities, goals, history and people in it. In this way, living itself is an art. We all are artists.

In the worldly level, art is much larger. Every second, the conditions of the earth change. the world has many parts in it. The poles covered in ice, the forests, deserts and water bodies all adjacent to each other. In a larger sense, the world is a masterpiece.

In conclusion, we are all created in a different way and we live our lives differently. We are all artists. Instead of limiting the word ‘art’ to only drawing or painting, if we learn to look at the bigger picture, we would learn to value our lives more than we already do.


Future meat is Plants…

Impossible foods makes a plant based alternative for meat products

                 As a general notion we humans should lead a better quality of life with the help of science. Humans have to work with science to leave the planet as a better place before they were born.

          Since the birth of humans, many of us have consumed animals by some form or the other until we found an alternative in agriculture

As per world statistics since 1961, our meat consumption has increased drastically. Does meat eating cause harm to us and our environment you may ask and sadly the answer is “yes”.

Eco-Conscious consumption is one of the major factor we have to think about as to how it save earth’s resources.     

First of all, our human body gets 10 % of its calories from meat but the amount of resources utilised is immense.

In the US around one third of the land comes under animal farming and one fifth of the land is used for cultivation of food for the animals. So around half of the land is occupied just for housing the livestock and feeding the animals which compared to the amount of food we eat is huge. Even the way the animals are taken care of is just cruel.   

To make around 28 patties of meat, around a pool of water is consumed, it does not only seem to take up a lot of resources but it is also very inefficient as for every 8 calories a cow takes in, it gives only a calorie as the end result.

Mainly the animal farming sector is dangerous as it produces around 37% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases and cows produce to almost 70 to 120 kg of methane per year. Then began “Impossible foods”.

              This company provides plant based substitutes for meat products. It was started in 2011 and headquartered in Redwood City in California U.S.

The main aim is to provide the people with plant based alternative for meat and with no compromises in the matter of taste, aroma, and even the amount of proteins.

Mr Patrick O. Brown is the chief executive director of impossible foods. Around 2009 Patrick took an 18 month break from his work at Stanford where he considered how to spend the rest of his career was when the bright idea of solving earth’s biggest problem struck his mind. The idea was based on excess meat consumption.

By the year 2011 he organized a small team of scientist to determine the parts of the burger at the molecular level.

After intense research and development Brown and his fellow mates came up with their first product in 2016, the impossible burger which was totally derived from plants. They say that it uses 95% less land, 74 % less water and also about 87% less amount of greenhouse gases were emitted.

                      This invention has more proteins, no cholesterol and even fewer amount of calories than an original burger.

 The most important ingredient which they use is heme which makes meat taste so special. So research team surveyed and found many options to procure heme and they zeroed in the most economical way which was to take out the DNA molecule from soy leghaemoglobin and combine it with yeast to as to ferment the proteins. They use beetroot, tomatoes for the colour, coconut and sunflower oil for the fat, potatoes are used for carbohydrates and peas, beans are used for the protein.

Overall, it tastes exactly like a meat burger. Now in the US plant based meat is sold almost all over the country. Impossible foods have started making other products like sausages out of plants. It is estimated that within twenty years plant based meat will overtake the food industry around the globe. If vegetarians want to ever taste meat without affecting their principles and beliefs on the basis of food, “Impossible Foods” is one for them.

              The success of impossible foods demonstrates the power of biotechnology and science as a whole. There are many other scientists like Manu Prakash who have been great inspirations to the younger generation including me and I believe that we would do our best to make earth a better place to live in.  

SAI KARTHIK, CLASS XI                      

Healing the wounds

We humans with our exceptional intelligence, observational and innovative skills propelled ourselves forward and innovated uncountable marvels for the betterment and comfort of the human race and turned ourselves away from our prime duty to live harmoniously with our fellow species on our unique and beautiful planet.  Little did we know that we would become completely oblivious to the bitter truth that we were drowning ourselves in a sea of greed, wars, altercations and misery.

 Once my mother had given me the last of my favourite cookies to school.  I hesitated sharing them with my friends and had completely forgotten about it upon reaching home only to find later that my brother had eaten them. Had I shared it with my friends and hadn’t been selfish I could have had a taste of it. Though this anecdote may seem simple, it had taught me a priceless lesson about selfishness. That, selfishness only leads to our own harm and downfall.  Why am I mentioning this now you may ask. The very cookie that I refused to share with my friends is indeed a metaphor that represents the forests, oceans and the entire planet that we claim as our own and refuse to share it with the diverse array of plant and animal life that calls it home alongside us.

We have caused so much harm and atrocities to our planet that this may lead to the downfall of all the life on our planet unless reversed. This mass extinction, scientists predict, would be beyond our imagination. Scientists keep warning us that the prediction of a mass extinction is not an exaggeration of any manner.  It is the hard truth that seems to be too extraordinary for us to take in.  Emission of extremely toxic gases, depletion of the ozone layer, rapid deforestation, construction of concrete jungles, never ending production of plastic and other toxins which are choking our life giving oceans, destruction of the ecosystem, are just some of the many wounds that we have inflicted upon our planet.

Climate change, depletion of resources, the massive carbon footprint, rising instances of natural calamities, the inevitable extinction of life on our planet, are the many bitter consequences of our grave mistakes.  Despite knowing the unimaginable consequences of our deeds, we choose to remain oblivious to the alarming situation and turn our heads away from healing the wounds of our planet and move on with our lives.

Change is eminent.  Young and captivating minds of our generation determined to open the window of existence to the next, have understood the necessity of change and are brainstorming marvelous ideas and inventions to restore the normalcy of our planet.  From spreading consciousness among the masses, to organizing protests against the opportunistic governments, to involving themselves in diligent research to relieve the earth of its burden, the list of endeavours taken by these resilient people is endless.

Yet, their efforts go in vain because of lack of external and financial support.  The irony is that the Governments of the World still consider this crisis as open to ambiguity and are still debating about the magnitude of the crisis.  Their realization and cooperation is the key to our struggle.  It is only through their cooperation that this efforts will acquire the required pace and magnitude.

It is definitely a misconception that the present crisis can only find its light of hope in the hands of scientists.  Every endeavour of the scientists strongly requires the cooperation of the entire public.  Why not?  All of us are equally responsible for this crisis.  Isn’t it our duty to reverse these mishaps and make the earth secure again?  Governments and organizations to provide financial support for the research and undertakings, media to spread word about the gravity of the situation and even ourselves as individuals have to join our hands together.  All of us together have the potential to bring an immense change to the situation.  Switching to a green source of power, avoidance of plastic and even refusing a plastic straw can bring change.

They say that a small change can make a big difference.  The power to bring about change lies embedded in each and every one of us.  It is whether we use that power for the earth’s better future or use it for our own ambitions and satisfaction that matters.  Our  priority must lie in striving hard to reverse our mistakes and healing the earth’s wounds before the possibility slips away from our hands.  We must use the same intelligence that led us to this crisis to bring back the normalcy of the earth, except that this time with a different mindset.  A mindset that does not include dark and superior feelings.  A mindset that desires a joyous and fearless life for all the fellow species on Earth.  Only then would we find the light at the end of this dark and uncertain tunnel.



The seventy two year young country India rebuilt itself to a great extent after suffering for 200 long years under the British rule. India has also made a phenomenal stand in the world economy too. It is predicted that by 2050 India would become the second largest economy in the world, surpassing the United States of America. The Wuhan virus pandemic   better known as the Corona virus pandemic though has been quite hard on India has laid a bright foundation for the country for the future. Here are seven reasons as to why I feel that India can definitely become the global power in the mere future.


India has seen a rapid growth in its economy over the last few years. India became the world’s fastest growing economy in the year 2015 with a GDP of 7.5%. To bring in some facts, the National Intelligence Council mentioned that by 2030 India could be the rising economic powerhouse that China is seen to be today.


India ranks number 4 on the list of 10 most powerful militaries in the world  . In terms of arms and   weopons it is much more equipped than China its immediate neighbor who has its control all over the world . With this India is well equipped to tackle and face any   military emergency or any critical situation.


India is a country which is known for its diplomacy. It has not been involved in any international conflicts instead has a very friendly relationship with most of the countries in the world.


The location of India plays a major role in the development of the economy. People all over the world will soon realize the need and use of renewable source of energy. India being in the tropical region would gain a lot of advantage and would act as a source and help in the production of solar energy.


India is a country with a huge amount of young population, infact India is known to be the world’s largest English speaking population  . In the mere future India can looked as a supplier of workforce .


With the “Make in India” campaign, India has seen a great change in its infrastructure. With the blow of the pandemic and the border disputes with neighbours, the idea of self reliance has been emphasized all over country. This “Atmanirbhar Bharat”   mission will surely help in the growth of the economy and India would experience a huge inflow of foreign investment.

 Having listed all the reasons above as to why I feel India could certainly become a superpower in the mere future it is evident that India is already on the path of rapid development.



Guidance and advice is required by every individual during any point of their life. These guidelines help the individual in becoming a much better person. The life lessons they learn makes them who they are.

A person who follows what he preaches is wholly eligible to give advice. Unless he follows what he propagates, he might not be considered the right person to do so as he lacks the experience that the lesson is bound to give him.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, is the greatest example to make this statement true.

One day, in the late 1940s, a mother took her son to Gandhiji so he would receive advice on the stoppage of eating sweets. Gandhiji told the woman to revisit him a week later on hearing her plea.

A week later, the mother visited Gandhiji again, for which the Mahatma told the child to gradually reduce his consumption of sweets, because too many sweets cause ill-health. The mother thanked him for this.

The woman, before leaving, asked Gandhiji why he didn’t give the same advice the previous week. The Mahatma, for this, said that until the day she visited him, he had the habit of eating sweets. He then slowly reduced it.

On that day, the father of our nation taught us that it is right and fair only when we follow what we preach. This practice is a way of cultivating discipline and righteousness in a person. As we follow the same advice we give others, we get familiar with the journey, outcome and the effect of that particular deed. Man must continue to do this in order to stay just, disciplined and balanced in life.

                                                                   R. Sri Manasveni

How data science is taking over the world

                                                 At some point of our lives we all might have wanted to know what is in store for us in the future. Everyone would have experienced a dilemma at some point of their lives. We would have been lodged in a situation where we would have found ourselves extremely indecisive. When anchored to a situation like that anyone would wish so badly to be able to predict one’s future so that the right decision can be taken. However in today’s world of advanced mathematics and rapidly advancing technology it is possible to predict a probable event which might take place in the future, yet very few people are aware of this possibility.
    Data science is a field of study which is a combination of statistics, computer science and data analysis. A data scientist analyzes data with the help of technology and mathematics to predict the occurence of an event in the future. These predictions made by data scientists are proved to be correct eighty percentage of the time. Over the years the demand for skilled data scientists has increased exponentially. This is because the applications of this field of science are unlimited. Major companies use data science to find what they should do to get the best results, investors use it to predict the market, it is used in demography to analyze the population of a region, social media uses it to find the interests of its each user for targeted advertisement, sports teams use it to know how they should train to win their next game, psychologists use it to predict human behavior and the list goes on. It can be amazing yet startling to know that using data science one can know what could happen based on what has happened.
    Over the past two decades humanity has witnessed the rise of artificial intelligence. Data science has predicted that in a few years artificial intelligence will be so developed that people would seldom find themselves in indecisive situations. The reason for that would be the fact that data science would be used by artificial intelligence to make the best decisions for humans. Hence be informed that humans in the future wouldn’t even have to strain themselves to take a mere decision. Thus letting artificial intelligence achieve what every successful improvement in technology has been doing for years, making humans lazier.

                                                                                           Neelesh Sarathy                                                                                           

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