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Festivals- 2021

We start the great year with Pongal celebrations in various art forms by children from different classes …




              Hi! Friends Happy Pongal!  I hope you enjoyed Bhogi as much I did. Let me try to recollect how we celebrated Pongal at our school last year through my telephonic conversation with my best friend Chandana. To recall the conversation, I was telling her the variety of performances we used to have.

Chandana:    Hello Sharadha! How are you?

Me          : Hello Chandana! I am fine thanks. Hope the same is with You

Chandana: What is special today. You called after a long time.

Me:              I called you to talk about the Pongal Celebration we had in our school

Chandana: Oh! Lovely. Please go ahead.

Me      : We had different performances like Karagattam, classical dance, Poi kal kudhirai and Cow dance, Peacock dance and Tiger  performances too!

Chandana: Wow! Interesting. Then!    

Me          : There were three sugarcanes and a colorful Rangoli under them and top of that a Decorated Pot with sweet Pongal in it.

Chandana: Oh! What is Karagattam?

Me: The Karagattam dancers dance with the karagam on their head, which they balance and danced.

Chandana: Interesting, I do not know how they dance while balancing the karagam.

Me: Yeah! It takes up lots of skill and practice to learn the technique. They also gave high-fives to any of us randomly. The most interesting thing was they tied saree without using their hands, by rolling on the saree cloth.

Chandana: Amazing!

Me: The next one was “Poi kaal kudhirai”

Chandana: Aha!

Me: There were both men and women, they danced on a horse costume and stick legs, it looked like they were riding horses.

Chandana: Ooh! It is so interesting to hear that they dance with false legs.

Me: Yeah, they did some exciting acts as well. The next was cow dance. A person dressed as a cow came and danced, the same method was for peacock dance.

Chandana: Terrific! What else was there?

Me: The most favorite part for all was two tigers, which were fighting and gave us high-five too.

Chandana: Very Exciting! Then What happened?

Me: Then there was a classical dance performance and at the end, we got to dance. Then after the Pongal came out of the brim of the pot, we said Pongolo Pongal and we were given some Pongal to eat.

Chandana: Sounds Yummy just by hearing the word of Pongal!

Me: This is how we celebrated Pongal. I hope the school reopen soon so that we can celebrate Pongal grandly next year and once again, I wish you a Happy Pongal.

Chandana: I wish you the same Sharadha. It was as if I was right there with you. Thank you. Bye Sharadha.

Me: Bye Chandana. It is my pleasure.                     

                                                                                        Sharadha.T     Std 3.



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