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International Yoga Day- 21 June, 2016

June 21st the second International Yoga Day initiated and pioneered by our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi was celebrated by the students of The Grove School and Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre in the form of a grand and enthusiastic event. The event aroused a spiritual sense and highlighted the importance of yoga.  The programme started around 10.30am with a blissful speech by our Correspondent Mr.Prashanth Krishna. The speech focused on the origin, benefits and importance of Yoga. A mass Yoga demonstration by the students of The Grove and Saraswathi Kendra Learning Centre followed the speech. A demo of beneficial asanas was performed by a few students of both the institutions by our Yoga instructor Mr. Kalaivanan.The asanas were beautifully composed and the light background music added perfection and serenity to the harmonious event. The programme came to an end at 11:100am with the rendering of the National Anthem.







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