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Guru Poornima Celebrations – July 19, 2016

The Grove School celebrated Guru Poornima on the 19th of July to honour the Grove School teachers for their efforts throughout the year. The students of The Grove School presented a series of events from 9 am to 10:30 am and made their day a special one.  The programme started off with a divine prayer in Sanskrit. It was marked by speeches in Tamil, Hindi and English bringing out the importance of teachers in students’ life.  Songs followed in Hindi and Tamil which praised teachers for their good work. A dance drama on Pranava Upadesam was performed. Sanskrit students presented a play on Guru Seva. Children surprised their teachers with a special card where a two line poem was written on each one of them. Thunderous claps filled the air when each teacher’s name was called out. The program concluded with a Thank You song in English.










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