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Annual Day is an important event in the calendar of the school. The Annual Day Celebration  of Classes III to Class XII was a grand spectacular affair which show cased the talents of children . Each and every student of the school were given opportunity to participate and display their talent during this eventful day. The function began at around  5.30 pm . The school choir greeted the audience  through a invocation song followed by a dance on Lord Ganesha . The President of C. P . Ramasamy  Aiyar Foundation Mrs. Nandita Krishna  addressed the gathering   .  Mr. Prashanth Krishna , Correspondent , of THE GROVE SCHOOL gave the Welcome Address. The principal Mrs. S.M. Sujatha  rose to the audience and delivered  the annual report / achievements  of the school.

The Tamil cultural group enacted a humorous play “ Yaar Karumi “   on thriftiness  which was well received by the audience.  The sanskrit club  proved their mettle by showcasing their talent through the epic play Markandeya . The English play was nothing short of all these as they performed an episode of the most appreciated Shakespearan play “The Tempest “. Time and again  “Environmental awareness” was always took precedence in all  campaigns of Grove School and the sensible play “The Plastic Peril “endorsed it. The Hindi Play concentrated on another relevant theme about the ill effects of technology on the younger generation  and i was very entertaining too.

The dances added flavour and colour to the show . Nepali dance was a dance that made the audience tap their feet and the Krishna dances added to the culture band of Grove school.

LAVA KUSHA was a cherry in the cake and was widely appreciated by the audience. We are indeed very proud that it is on you tube with many viewers who have left very positive comments.


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