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Annual sports meet – 24 August, 2016

The Annual sports day of The Grove School was held on the 24th of August at the YMCA ground, Nandanam. The day’s proceedings began at 10am with a prayer. It was followed by the welcome address delivered by our correspondent, Mr.Prashanth Krishna. The chief guest for the day was our former Principal, Mrs.Kala Doraisamy. Our Principal Mrs. S.M. Sujatha introduced the chief guest. Next we had our President Dr.Nanditha Krishna, who motivated our students to perform well after which our chief guest encouraged our students to aim for the Olympics.

After the torch bearing ceremony, the chief guest declared the sports meet open. The children marched briskly following their respective captains. They were lead by the school sports captain Adwaith Praveen. The highlight of the sports day were different colourful drills using pom poms, hola hoops and dumbbells. Parents and teachers were awestruck by the students’ pyramid formations. The rhythmic aerobic performance by the senior girls was a treat to watch. The junior students demonstrated an array of yoga postures while the yoga instructor elaborated the benefits of each posture. Fun games, as the name implies, were indeed fun to watch!

Various track and field events were conducted for both the senior and junior children. It was an edge of the seat experience for the Peepal and Neem team due to the constant fluctuations in the scoreboard.

The most nail biting event was the tug of war, which marked the grand finale for the day. It was this event which decided the trophy winners! The final points table declared Neem as the winners and Peepal as the runner up. The championship trophy was handed to the teams by Mr.Prashanth Krishna after which the day came to an end with the National Anthem.












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