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Senior Annual Day- August 18, 2017

The Annual Day of The Grove School was held on 18th August, 2017 which unfolded the aesthetic hues of folk art. The programme began with an invocation song. There were plays in all the four languages, namely, Hindi, English, Tamil and Sanskrit. While the English play was on Shakespeare, the other three was based on folk art. The demonstration of yoga was a treat to the eye and the ear. Several dances added to the colour and flavour of the programme, like Natesha Koutvam in Kuchupudi form, Gujarati folk dance, Kavadi, Punjabi and Kurathi dance. The highlight of them all was the Pinnal Kolattam which showcased the intricate skill of hand and eye coordination of the dancers.
In conclusion, the programme was an extraordinary exhibition of our students’ talent, skill, ability and expression.


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