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Boarding the “Kirukku Nagaram Express” with Crea Shakthi- November 28, 2017

Crea-Shakthi, a Chennai based theater art group staged their play “Kirukku Nagaram Express” for the first time in a school and we take pride in announcing that The Grove School hosted them. The play was staged at CP Ramasamy Aiyar Foundation for students from classes III to XI. The play focused on creating awareness about mental health which also broadly covered different aspects of bullying. The play was aimed at sensitising, providing a better support system and to remove stigmas and labels associated with mental health.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was followed by an interactive session where the cast interacted with the students and briefed the purpose of the theme and the central characters. The event came to an end with a feedback session. We thank Crea Shakthi for letting us board the train with them. 🙂


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